Selling your business

Top view of a two businessman shaking hands - Welcome to businesWhy Use a Business Broker?
You have arrived at the decision to place one of your most valuable assets on the market. Choosing a Full Service Business Brokerage to assist you through the complex and often emotional process ahead is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. It could be the difference between a satisfying and rewarding result or a financial and emotional headache.

Lawbrokers is a Full Service Business Brokerage.

We provide all of the necessary services and support to complete the sale of your practice to the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer.

Our Services Include

  • Complimentary and Confidential initial consultation to discuss your business;
  • Business appraisals and valuations;
  • The compilation of all information necessary for the professional presentation of the business;
  • Individually tailored marketing strategies;
  • Interviewing and qualifying purchasers;
  • Establishing and maintaining strict Confidentiality Protocols;
  • The controlled and phased release of information matched to the evidence of buyer interest and sincerity;
  • Negotiation between all parties;
  • Assistance with sourcing financing;
  • Coordinating the flow of information between legal and financial representatives;
  • Preparation of draft contracts for your consideration;
  • Troubleshooting and conflict resolution;
  • Attending settlement if required.

Why Can’t I Sell It Myself?

Studies in the US show that engaging a professional business broker for the sale of your business increases the likelihood of a sale and the use of a third party negotiator such as a broker often increases the actual selling price achieved.

An owner representing himself cannot maintain anonymity and the lost confidentiality could damage the practice and affect the selling price.

A principal’s time is more effectively utilized in maintaining the efficient operations of the practice during the time it is on the market, thus ensuring the best presentation possible when prospective buyers are introduced.

An owner generally would not have the specialised knowledge, experience and negotiating skills needed to achieve the best price for his business in what is often a highly emotionally charged atmosphere of negotiation where the buyer’s objectives are often the opposite of the seller’s.

Business advertisements often attract calls from many prospective buyers. An owner typically would not have the time to contact, screen, meet with and qualify a large group of prospective buyers.

The sale of a practice involves a detailed knowledge of sales and pricing methodology, buyer negotiation skills, accounting practices, taxation issues, and advertising and marketing methods. Handling buyer enquiries involves many hours of follow up phone calls, emails, preparation of documentation, more emails, more follow up and, quite often, the patience of a saint!

I actually love the process and enjoy it immensely. Not everyone does though. If you don’t think you would, just give me a call.